Personal Branding Tips – Episode 62

ep 62 personal branding tips

Starting to focus on your personal brand is smart. This episode features a long list of tips that you must take into consideration. What’s most important is starting. Don’t think about how many people are watching or who is supporting you. Give all of your energy to providing content in YOUR way. Check out the personal branding tips in this episode.

Personal Branding Tips

First, you must make sure that you have a topic. Topics are extremely important. It’s literally impossible to cover everything and you shouldn’t want to. Get one specific topic thing and dive as deep as you possibly can.

Secondly, give some thought to creating valuable content creation. Content creation is the best way to build an audience. Even the biggest companies in the world like Nike and Apple create powerful content. The NBA and NFL, top sports leagues in the world, have YouTube channels and social media accounts that pump out powerful content.

The last of the personal branding tips, use a mailing list. Everyone with a personal brand must have a list. Emails can be automated which will save you time. But be careful with this strategy. You can annoy people if you’re sending too much content at once or attempting to sell everytime you’re in their inbox.

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