Benefits of Personal Development

benefits of personal development
Personal development is taking the necessary steps with consistency to develop yourself. Every single day you should be working to improve who you are. It’s not all about the books or the courses. What it really comes down to is who you want to be.
We don’t get out of life what we want. We get out of life who we are. This does not mean good people receive good things. It also doesn’t mean bad people deserve the worst in life. This means that the work you put in will pay off.
Personal development is truly a journey. In order for you to reach the goals you set in life, you must become the best possible version of yourself. Who you are now simply isn’t good enough. Life is a long game. Let’s talk about some ways you can make yourself better along the way.
benefits of personal development

Growth Never Stops

I am obsessed with the Growth and becoming better. That is how the #GNS Was created. GNS stands for Growth Never Stops. Growth is a never-ending process. Dedicate time to learning every day. This is the only way to become the best version of yourself.
Every single day I make sure that I use at least one hour to learn. This could be about several different subjects. But whatever I choose to focus on that day will make me better and help me progress towards my goal.
Let me also add that hours are spent implementing the knowledge acquired. There is no use in consuming a ton of information if it will not be used. The best way to make sure it is used, is to create a routine or have it immediately after the information is gathered.
I like to use the #GNS as a reminder that growing is my main focus. It is very easy to get distracted or even lazy but this reminder keeps me going. When I don’t feel like recording a podcast or writing another blog, #GNS pops up on my Impact Journal and I’m forced to keep working.

Learning is a Skill

Most people stop learning after high school or college. Very few people continue to consume information after their early years. This is why the average part of society is so crowded. Developing the skill of learning will literally separate you from 90% of the population. It’s not as difficult as people make it seem.
The real problem is that people think they have to learn about things they don’t care about. The classroom forces us to learn about things that don’t matter to us. School teaches us what to think instead of how to think. This causes most people to strongly dislike learning.
Change your mindset about learning. Remember that you can personally select the books you read, the videos you watch and the podcasts you listen to. Be careful with this selection. The decision you make here will either make you better or a worse version of yourself. The choice is yours.

Benefits of Personal Development

The first and probably best benefit of personal development is being better than everyone else. Most people will say that we are all the same. This is not true. I repeat we are not all the same. I once read a quote from the Hall of Fame running back Emmett Smith. He said, “all men are created equal, but some work harder in the preseason.“ Working harder than everyone else does make you better than them and they know it.
benefits of personal development
The second benefit of personal development is really how you feel. There truly is no better feeling than knowing you are getting better. It really feels special when you are getting better at something you actually care about. There is no better feeling than making the team next season the year after you got cut. It feels great to stunt on your high school haters because you live a better life than they do. Getting better feels fucking amazing.
Lastly, personal development is important for our species. Think of all the great people, the amazing humans that lived before you. They may the world better for us. The historians, the philosophers, the downright geniuses, all became the best version of themselves and gave that to the world. Imagine if Einstein was lazy? What if Benjamin Franklin was afraid? What if Tom Ford gave up? We wouldn’t have the world we have today.


You need to focus on becoming the best version of yourself every single day. The world to me and been up that version of Medium. You truly want to know until the time comes. It’s amazing to know that you’re living up to that potential inside you. Don’t be average. The world has enough of average. The average section is crowded, like traffic during rush hour.
Utilize one hour everyday to focus on development. You’ll appreciate all of the benefits that come from personal development.

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