Episode 48 Improve Focus

Episode 48 Improve Focus

This episode uses a very different metaphor of bricklaying. You’ve probably heard Will Smith or some other guru talk about it. Coach Chris adds a different perspective.
Taking life one day at a time helps you improve focus. The biggest problem most people have is that they can’t focus on one thing. For example, there are several “creatives” out there that have a million different things happening at once. What this does is limit your ability to truly thrive in the important areas.
Look at each topic you focus on as bricklaying. If you’re focused on five different topics, how long will it take you to build a house? If your #YouTube channel is about pop culture, fashion, music, makeup and dancing, you’re essentially attempting to build five different houses at once. You’ll either spend years building a few mediocre houses or you’ll never finish any of them. Take the time to improve focus. It will give you the ability to be better where it counts.

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