Entrepreneur of the Week: Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson

Curtis Jackson is one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs in the world. You may know 50 Cent as the social media antagonizer. As much as he’s known for his antics, Jackson is also known for his business moves. 50 Cent shows are everywhere but the most popular, Power, is available on Sunday nights on Starz.


50 Cent has done more than release number one rap albums. During his career, he’s had a clothing line, beverages, movies and television shows. As entrepreneurs, fear is a trait that we must leave behind. Fifty has clearly shown that with his business savvy.

“One of his largest deals was the cash-out from Glaceau after Coca-Cola just happened to purchase the company for $4.1 billion. Jackson, who was a minority shareholder in the company, earned $100 million from the deal after taxes, according to Forbes, on water.”

One of his greatest accomplishments in my personal opinion is The 50th Law of Power book. Jackson teamed up with writer Robert Greene to publish this amazing piece of art. This is yet another example of 50 Cent staying ahead of the curve.

Top Skill

50 Cent said his best skill is being direct. He’s never been afraid to go at anyone or speak his mind about anything. This characteristic helped him launch his rap career with the controversial record “How to Rob.” On the song, Jackson made a clear point to mention popular artists and actors at the time. 

What now?

You can catch just one of the 50 Cent shows on Starz on Sunday nights. He can also be seen on several Netflix movies and even some great Hollywood films. Jackson will always be the social media bully everyone loves to hate. It’s simply who he is. 

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