What I Learned from Losing My Car

Getting a car is a big deal. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what kind of car it is. The fact that you have a vehicle that you own, means you’re somebody.” At this point in my life, I lacked powerful priorities.

This is how I thought back in 2016. I did everything I could to actually purchase my first car on my own. Nothing about the situation was easy. I was forced to sacrifice a lot to make this purchase. This gave me the illusion that I was ready for it all. In reality, I was not nearly prepared.

I made the purchase in June of 2016. I felt proud. No one could tell me that I didn’t deserve this. The black seats were some of the most comfortable ever. Connecting my phone to the Bluetooth felt like cashing a million-dollar check. The best part was it was fully mine. No sharing with anyone this time.

One day in December of that same year, I was preparing to leave my house for business. When I went downstairs, my car was gone. I had no idea this happened. As my frustrated began to build, I had to think about how this happened. I realized I didn’t take care of my part. My priorities were not in place at the time.

Powerful Priorities

Priorities give us structure. We need something to fall back on when our days get rough. Average people operate based on their emotions. This isn’t a smart way to live because emotions can change very frequently and without warning. Powerful priorities, on the other hand, give us a set foundation.

Some people are in this situation now. They don’t have control over their lives. Some family or friends have taken control. To be the best version of yourself, you should create your own priorities. These must be shaped by you. Don’t allow others to create priorities for you or they won’t last. Having someone tell you what’s important in your life is the easiest way to wake up hating what you do.

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