Working Smart Must be Earned

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people tell me some bullshit about working hard. You have to work hard. Regardless of what any shitty guru or social media asshole told you. Working hard is what makes you rich but it’s not the only thing and it definitely won’t keep you there. My main point is that you must work hard and earn that ability to work smart.

“Well, garbage truck drivers work hard. If working hard made you rich, they’d all be rich.” First of all, shut the fuck up. The reason those guys aren’t rich is because they work hard doing a job that anyone can do. You can’t become rich if you’re easily replaceable. Most rich people have a unique set of skills that require their personal presence. Janitors work hard but they can easily be replaced. Their job isn’t that difficult.

Work Hard

When I say work hard, I’m talking about the beginning stages. I’m describing that time when you’re learning and consuming a ton of information day in and day out. Working hard is when you start that first podcast and it fails or when your business plan isn’t good enough to keep you afloat. Working hard is when you’re learning. This part HAS to come before you become to work smart.

Work Smart

What is working smart? In my opinion, working smart can be delegating tasks to save yourself the time or finding people that can do a specific job for you and better than you. Working smart is about using the information you learned to make your life a lot easier. You can do this with pretty much anything.

Earn It

Earning the right to work smart is all about investing in yourself. Once you know the information, history, and market around what it is that you want to do, you can begin to work smart. How can you work smart if you don’t know the basics? There are levels to this. You can’t jump into any industry and think you can “work smart” and it’ll work out for you immediately. No, it doesn’t work that way.

Working hard is about failing and learning during those stages. Working smart is about doing things differently that second time around. Ultimately, you can’t be successful without one or the other.

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