4 Steps to Become a Dominating Entrepreneur: Attract Your People

The best businesses don’t have to chase their customers. In fact, you know your positioning is great when customers find you. In this post, I want to cover the value of displaying your expert status and how to do it. Start to attract people to your business with ease.


The content you deliver should be authority building. The best way to build authority is by educating your audience. Give the people that follow you valuable information. When people learn from you, they love to follow you and support everything you do.

One form of authority building is blogging. Write articles covering topics that your audience can learn from. Attract people by delivering on any information that the market says is important. Go to Quora.com and search for your topic. You’ll find hundreds of questions that can serve as writing topics.

Writing may seem like a lost art but it’s not. Honestly, it never will be. Convert your writing into authoritative content by adding in statistics or quotes to support your main point. People love stats that can support an idea or opinion.

Expert Positioning

All of this leads to expert positioning. Remember, experts, get paid. You want to separate yourself from everyone else in your niche by providing so much value, people HAVE to give you money for what you know.

Want to know if you’re an expert? Ask yourself, do people look for your approval or ask for your opinion on particular subjects? Are the questions you get usually the same? If so, this is a great thing. Being asked questions about the same topic means that people only know you for one specific thing.

Attract People with More Value

Giving away information that people can learn a lot from for free is a great way to display your expertise, build a community and begin to nurture customers.

  • Create branded, downloadable assets. These are great lead magnets but they can also make your audience love you.
  • Live Q&A sessions are great as well. Answer their questions. Do this publicly to show your expertise level to everyone watching.
  • Conduct webinars. The greatest aspect of webinars is you can give away a ton of information in a short period of time. You can even charge a small price or bundle several webinars into a large course.

Moral of the Post

Develop a consistent content schedule. You should be displaying your expertise on your topic with consistency. I use several different forms of content to educate my audience. This means videos, blog posts such as this one, my email list, and even my Twitter account. Creating a schedule makes it easier to make a significant impact more often. You don’t want your content to be hit or miss.

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