4 Steps to Becoming a Dominating Entrepreneur: Problem Solving

Problems are everywhere. Literally, everyone has issues they face. Want to have an amazing life? Solve other people’s problems. It sounds simple easy. Yet very few people do it. People only care about themselves. Learning to focus on others’ problems is a skill in itself. Problem solving equals money making.

Develop a Skill

Solving a problem requires you to develop a skill. Skills are defined as the ability to do something well. Expertise in any field will separate you from the masses. Solving one problem is what you need to focus on.  Don’t attempt to develop multiple skills and be a jack of all trades. This will only backfire.

Invest in yourself to speed up this process. You can only invest in yourself using time or money. Utilize the funds that are usually dedicated to eating fast food or unnecessary traveling to improve your skills a lot faster. Hire a coach that has done what you’re attempting to do. Research online courses that will help you learn about a particular subject.

Expert Status

Being an expert is about focusing on one thing. Give energy to the one problem you’re going to solve and you can’t go wrong.

For example, coaches must focus on being efficient at one specific sport. A basketball coach wouldn’t make a good football coach. And if you want to get several customers or clients as a coach, you must present yourself as the best possible coach for one sport.

Experts solve a specific problem. The goal of being an expert is knowing a lot about a little. You’ll never be an expert if you want to solve multiple problems for multiple people. This is the easiest way to waste time and work in circles.

Problem Solving Equals Monetizing

Ultimately, solving problems is what gets you paid. Later we’ll discuss the multitude of ways that you can generate income from your problem solving. For now, you must have a clear problem that you solve and it must be for a specific group of people. The more specific, the better.

Separate yourself by being clear about the problem you solve and who it’s for. Don’t be afraid to speak directly to your ideal customer. It may seem like there aren’t many people that have this problem you’re solving, but there is.

David Baker explained in his book The Business of Expertise that your niche is viable if you have at least 10 competitors and 2,000 people that can benefit from your product or service. These are basic numbers that will help you decipher if you have a problem worth solving and if you can actually get paid for your expertise.

Moral to the Post

Develop a very specific skillset. Steer away from the generic skills. Don’t be an internet marketer, only do marketing for specific people. Make sure you can do something that very few people can do. If you’re extremely different, it will be difficult for anyone to put you in a box with everyone else.

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