Entrepreneurship 101: Who is Your Customer?


Entrepreneurship 101: Who is Your Customer?

Having a business is all about bringing value. Most businesses fail because they don’t have a clear understanding of who their customer is. This video will focus on the different ways to find your customer. Here is a list of questions entrepreneurs must answer to find their ideal customer.

What problem do you solve? When you solve a problem, that means you have a business. And the better you are at solving problems, the more people you can help. Entrepreneurs should always have the mindset of solving problems. That’s what you sell.

Who will relate to you the most? Your ideal customer should be someone that will understand you. Find your crowd! Marketing products and services will be easier when you talk to the correct people.

What is your ideal customer experiencing now? Use your copy and videos to speak directly to the problems your audience is experiencing right now. Social media is a great way to question people and research what their current issues are.

These three questions should help you answer the bigger question of “who is my customer?” Be sure to write the answer to these questions. The answers will be useful when you’re designing pages, creating products and promoting services.





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