Small Business Tips: Grow Your Business Online

Small businesses are struggling to grow online! In this video, I want to share three ways you can grow your business online.

Small Business Tips

Tip #1 Digital word of mouth. Before social media was huge, the way we learned about new products or services was by having actual conversations. This hasn’t been fully replaced but social sharing is taking over. The new word of mouth is shares on timelines and dashboards. As a small business, this is what you want. Clients and customers should be sharing your content and talking about your products consistently.

Tip #2 Influence. Small businesses aren’t taking advantage of influencers and that extra attention. These influencers can have your products or services seen by a lot larger of an audience than usual. Find the influencers in your specific niche and your business will begin to thrive.

Tip #3 Consider subscription options! If you have a product or service, subscriptions are an option for you. Subscriptions are basically when you give value to the same customers every single month. Offering a ton of value to the same clients every month is a great way to grow your business. These are just a few very small tips to grow your business online. Start implementing these strategies in your business and you’ll see improvements.

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