Funnel Series: Email Automation

The second step in creating a great sales funnel is developing the emails. First, let’s explain why email automation is great. Automation allows your system to operate on its own. You don’t have to babysit emails or chase potential clients. Automation also gives you the ability to reach a much larger audience at once. Here are the basic elements of the emails in your funnel.

Email Automation

Email 1: Free Product

Remember that free product we discussed? This is when you send it out to potential clients. This email also contains two other pieces of vital information. First, you should reintroduce yourself. Make sure visitors know who they’re receiving the gift from. Second, make sure you redeliver your message. Who you are and what you do should be very clear.

Email 2: More Value

Give subscribers even more information. It would best to send your educational content in this email. Give them the information they might not have any knowledge of within your niche.

Email 3: Story with Exclusivity

Tell a great story! People love stories. A good story can make you more relatable AND tap into the emotions of potential buyers. Storytelling is a big key in sales. Pro Tip: Send a coupon in this email. create a funnel specific coupon and send it out to all of your subscribers. You’ll know where the coupon was used and it will entice even more buying decisions.

Email 4: Scarcity

This is the end of the funnel. Get your subscribers active by increasing their urgency. Show them that everything isn’t unlimited and it won’t always be available.

Using this email system helped me increase my sales by 40% in two weeks.

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