Funnel Series: Create Your Free Product

Creating a sales funnel is extremely important to any business. A great funnel can create the freedom that every single entrepreneur and the small business owner desires.

First, it’s important that you create a free product to give away to your audience. The value of free cannot be underestimated.

Four Rules to Create Your Free Product

There are four specific rules to remember when creating a free product to start an amazing sales funnel.

  1. Be niche specific. Every entrepreneur should know this. Satisfying your audience is a great way to make sure they continue to respond to your content. Feed the people!
  2. Give value. The free content should make people want more. Don’t be afraid of giving out too much information.
  3. Be unique. Your free product doesn’t have to be the usual Ebook or PDF with a checklist on it. Get creative in the content that you give your audience.
  4. Branding. Create your own style but more importantly consistently convey your company message throughout your free content.

These four rules will help you create an amazing product to start an amazing funnel. Make sure you feed the people want they want! The question of the video: What is your unique idea for a sales funnel? Let me know in the comments. Do you want to join the funnel program? Work with Coach Chris one on one and create the perfect sales funnel for your business. Click here to sign up:… If you have any questions, contact Coach Chris on Twitter @imjusgreatness

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