3 Ways to Write as an Expert

I’ve been preaching about being an expert for a while now. I think it’s something that’s very important. Working to reach expert status is what can separate you from being just another content creator. Aren’t there enough content creators in the world? We need something more. I want to give you the tools to write as an expert.

Blogging isn’t dead. People still read much more than you think. The difference now is people read in different ways. Long gone are the days of 5,000-word posts and page-turning blogs. There are way too many ways to create content. But when you write as an expert, people will consume your content regardless.


Give your writing content some serious direction. It shouldn’t be difficult to see who this content is for. To write as an expert, you must know exactly who your audience is and educate them. This means provide valuable information on a consistent basis.

This is a surefire way to keep people interested in your content. Try to teach people something new about your niche every single time you write a blog post. Your engagement will increase as well because those same people will want more and more.

Giving away free value is what works.


Create graphics with your own unique look. We all scroll on YouTube. What’s the 2nd thing you look at after the title? The thumbnail! Give your writing a simple “look” for those people searching on social media. People love things that look good. Catch their attention with a cool image.

Space it Out

This may sound simple, but very few people actually do it. Spacing your blog post out is a great trick. First, it gives readers the illusion that there are fewer words on the page. Fewer words equals less time spent which means a lot to people with such short attention spans.

Give your writing some breathing room. you want people to consume ALL of the writing you post.

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