YouTube Series: Creating Expert Content

Content is a big topic that we discuss on the Growth of Greatness. It’s important to create expert content that will separate you from everyone else in your market.

In the first episode of the YouTube expert series, I wanted to discuss how entrepreneurs, content creators and small business owners can create expert content that will separate them from everyone else.

The first thing is to have a very specific niche. You want to be sure that you know EXACTLY who your audience is. The worst thing to do is trying to serve everyone. You end up not serving anyone and have wasted a lot of time.

How to Create Expert Content

Secondly, you have to choose your style of content. For this area, I’ll get a little more specific.

  1. Entertain. This is an easy style to explain. Making your audience laugh or feel good is an easy way to keep them coming back. Online comedians stick to this method and get a lot from it.
  2. Impact. This is making people feel what you’re saying. Sometimes you need to tap into their emotions of your audience and influence them even more.
  3. Educate. Educating is a personal favorite. This is bringing value to people through the research and information you’ve gathered over time.

Every piece of content you publish should be tailored towards your specific style. This is how you build your audience and ultimately your brand.

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