Why Everyone Needs a Podcast

Everything of old is dying and a new wave is replacing it. Cable is dying. Netflix and Hulu have stabbed these big companies in the heart. Could you imagine not having the ability to binge watch ANY of our favorite shows? Radio is also another media format that’s dying. Yes, there are a few successful shows but the formats have completely changed. Anyone and everyone has the ability to get a piece of the pie. It’s time to start a podcast.

Growth Factor

Podcasts are growing every single day. The industry is far from reaching its peak. Research has shown that over 40% of Americans have listened to podcasts and 67 million Americans listen each month! Those numbers are completely insane.

Each your the podcast industry grows at an average of 20%. Even more shocking is the fact that the average listener subscribes to more than six podcasts.

These numbers are important because it displays the speed at which this industry is growing. Now is the time to start a podcast. The industry is young, but it’s not too early. There are enough resources and services that will help you be successful. Also, the market in which your podcast would be in probably isn’t full just yet. You never want to be the last person to do something.


Accessibility is important to us. Now more than ever, accessibility is also important to content creators. Twenty years ago we had to wait for everything. But now, if a product isn’t available on demand it almost certainly loses its value. We want what the content immediately!

The accessibility that we get to our celebrities is unprecedented. The stories are great! Celebrities are giving us behind the scenes content all the time. Could you imagine if we had podcasts thirty years ago? What would it have been like to hear stories from your favorite actors and artists in the 80’s and 90’s? We’re living in that time.


This is another factor that most people are unaware of. Advertisements are changing with all of these other industries. IF cable is dying, do you think commercials will get as much attention, or therefore cost the same? No. Those old advertisers now send their ads to Hulu or use social media. They also call podcasters.

You need to start a podcast because you could be the one running advertisements. If your show has a good niche, great personalities and the right amount of attention, you can literally make podcasting your full-time job. There are people making six-figure salaries directly from their podcast. Why can’t you?

Where Do I Start?

First, subscribe to my podcast. The Growth of Greatness Podcast focuses on inspiring and providing guidance to entrepreneurs and hard workers. iTunes Stitcher

If you want to start a podcast but are completely unsure of where to begin, enroll in my Do What You Love Mini-course. I have an entire section on how to start a podcast. From branding, technology, and scheduling to distribution, marketing, and growth hacks, this course gives you solid information on how to develop your show from the ground up.

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