Importance of Passion

Passion is important. Passion is that burning desire that will drive you to work extremely hard without even the thought of quitting. I see tons of people struggling to “find their passion.” There are several things wrong with this. Let’s break this down.

It’s There

You don’t need to find your passion, it’s already there! You already have the thing that makes you unique. The burning desire already lives within you.¬†What’s important is finding a way to bring that fire from within and put it on display for the world to see.

Take a second to think. Really think back to when you were a kid. What did you LOVE to do? It doesn’t matter if your parents wouldn’t allow it or if your friends didn’t approve. What is it that you absolutely love to? Another question: What keeps you up at night? What is that thought that won’t allow you to rest peacefully?

Chances are, it’s your passion.

Always Present

Passion never goes away. That same thing you loved as a kid is still there. The bigger problem is that we’re forced to “grow up” and forget about the things that truly make us happy. Most people have no idea what their passion is because it’s so easy to forget. Society can literally steal your love for life. All of the responsibilities that come with being an adult will frustrate you to no end. This is why passion is important.

Do What You Love

It would be very naive of me to think that everyone can do what they love. That’s just not realistic. Life is about winners and losers. We need people that are willing to put their dreams aside to take that terrible job no one else wanted. Those are the people who I respect more than anyone. They contribute a large amount of life to society and are never acknowledged for it.

But there are some of us who have the opportunity to do what we love. Some of us could quit our jobs today and still have a place to sleep tonight. Doing what you love is a privilege. There are people around the world who don’t have that chance. Those of us that can do and be what we want, must take full advantage.

Passion is Important

The biggest reason why passion is important is that it drives you. When humans are determined and focus, we can do anything. The fire of passion is much stronger than a simple hunger pain or the most basic of ‘wants’. When you’re truly passionate about something, it’s difficult for you to let it go. It could be bad for you and you’d still continue to indulge.

Passion will wake you up at 5 AM to workout when you really don’t have to. Passion will drive you to make changes and improvements. Loving what you do will make you work ten times harder than anyone else. The best part is, it won’t feel like you’re working hard because you love it. That’s why being passionate is beautiful.

Take Action

Find your passion by thinking deeply about that one thing you simply can’t live without. It’s usually the first thought that comes to mind. Don’t ignore it! This is the very first step to doing what you love.

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