The Realities of Being an Entrepreneur

Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur right now. Gary V and Tony Robbins have gotten people excited about the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Millions of people believe that working for yourself is much easier and less stressful than having a boss. In reality, that’s far from the truth. I want to explain the hardest aspects of being an entrepreneur, the bad side.


No Fall Back Plan


When you have the traditional 9 to 5, life is pretty easy. Your boss gives you the hours you’ll be working, the pay is basically guaranteed, and there aren’t very many decisions you have to make. Work life doesn’t get any easier! Any of the mistakes made by the company aren’t your responsibility. Showing up is just enough for you to get paid.


As an entrepreneur, all of the mistakes are on you. When you decide to start a business, its all on your shoulders. If the business is bad you could fall behind on bills or miss a few meals. Yes, you get to make your own hours. If you’re being a real entrepreneur, they’ll always be long and hard. There is nothing to fall back on.


Is Freedom Really Free


The real entrepreneurs work overtime every day and go especially¬†hard on weekends. That free time you hear entrepreneurs brag about comes at a cost. See, most people expect to start their own blog and make thousands in the first month. Then, they want to quit their job and get paid to travel. There are YouTubers who think that sponsors will be knocking their doors down after a few months of videos. This isn’t the reality of being an entrepreneur. It takes an absurd amount of work and time to be a happy entrepreneur. Now that, that’s rare.


Being an Entrepreneur


Your mindset while being an entrepreneur has to be completely different from normal people. You basically operate from a point of insanity. There is always another project to do or another email to send. Don’t believe anyone that says entrepreneurship is easy. The only way the life of an entrepreneur is easy is if you’re doing it wrong.


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