Actions Must Equal Aspirations

This whole narrative that everyone deserves everything could not be further from the truth. Hard work is relative but that doesn’t mean everyone has their own meaning. Very many people have no true work ethic whatsoever. For the average person, whatever it takes to get by is the bar they set for themselves. Doing just enough to get by is not the way to reach success. Your daily habits and characteristics are what propel you forward.


Let’s start here. Deserve. It’s an interesting word. Deserve means to do something or have or show qualities worthy of reward or punishment. The funny thing about deserving is people forget the things that come before it. The idea that everyone is special and amazing is false. Your parents told you that all your life and it’s just not true.

What I will say is everyone is special in their own way. But most people don’t know how to tap into what makes them special. Therefore, we never get to truly see how special most folks really are.

Who You Are

I’ve said this before. You don’t get out of life what you deserve. You get out of life who you are. Complainers don’t get much out of life because they’re always very busy complaining. Who you are is more about your consistent actions than anything else.

Above Average

I recently wrote about improving your skills. It’s important to get better. Anyone that knows they’re below or average right now can improve that.

Your everyday actions must match your everyday aspirations. You can’t expect to get rich when you aren’t working like rich people. Oprah didn’t get to where she is simply hoping and saying that she’s great. Oprah worked hard and consistently to reach that level.

Work Ethic

As long as your work ethic is aligned with your expectations you’ll never be disappointed in life. Be ready for what you get in return of what you put out. Hard work is relative. A hard day to me could be easy to you. This is why expectations come into play. Don’t expect to drive a Bentley if you have Honda work ethic. Life doesn’t work this way. But if you put the work in, there isn’t anything you can’t have.

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